Saturday, May 26, 2007

Krasnodar City Duma called on all civilized nations to condemn Armenian Genocide


In March of 2007 Armenian newspaper of Russia “Yerkramas” and Pashkov society of Krasnodar organized collection of signatures among representatives of the Armenian community for turning to lawmakers of the City Duma. Krasnodar voters call on their elected representatives appear with statement condemning the Armenian Genocide in Turkey between 1915-1922. Armenian “Yerkramas” of Russia reports that totally 2000 signatures were gathered.

Just the other day the community received the statement of the City Duma undersigned by Speaker Nikolai Kotlyarov, which reads as follows, “Deputies of Krasnodar Duma express their deep sympathy to sister Armenian nation and condemn the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Ottoman Turkey between 1915-1922, which is one of the grave crimes against humanity. Principles of humanism and tribute of respect to innocent victims demand condemnation of the Armenian Genocide. Only corresponding moral evaluation given by the Supreme Legislative body of the state and adoption of a standard legal act that condemns the Genocide, can become a base for prevailing the historical truth towards the Armenian nation. It will serve as an example for strengthening the real trust and mutual understanding between people of Armenia and the Russian Federation in generally.

As it is known, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted two resolutions, which condemn annihilation of the Armenian nation between 1915-1922 and recognizes April 24 as Remembrance Day for Genocide victims.

We express hope that the above mentioned issue concerning restoration of the historical truth towards long-suffering Armenian nation, will find understanding by all civilized countries through adopting corresponding acts”.

Editor-in-chief of “Yerkramas” Armenian newspaper Tigran Tavadyan informed, the statement of the City Duma has great moral importance for Armenians of Krasnodar, the collective voice of which was heard by parliamentarians of capital of Kuban. It is worth of special mentioning that Krasnodar like the whole Krasnodar Territory has occurred under the rapt attention of Turkey, which invests rather huge financial means in regional projects, and that’s why the noble move of Krasnodar deputies must be appreciated properly by the Armenian community.

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