Friday, May 25, 2007



A temple for Yezids will be built in the Republic of Armenia. It will be called ‘’Lalish’’, by analogy with the Ezid temple complex situated in the north of Iraq.

RA leadership has granted consent to the construction of Lalish, leader of the World Yezdi Union Aziz Tamoyan told IAA DE FACTO. The temple will be built in the suburb of Zovuni village, near Yerevan.

"Lalish is our sacred object. Each Yezid should have the opportunity to serve our religious ceremonies and pray to our gods. Armenia is a tolerant country, where Yezids have been granted the opportunities to preserve ethnical originality and develop national culture", Aziz Tamoyan said. "We are grateful to RA government for positive response to our request", he added.

Tamoyan noted over 500,000 Yezids had been killed in Turkey in 1915-1918, while thousands of Yezids living in Armenia had lost their relatives during the Genocide.
An account has been opened at Ardshininvestbank. The account’s number is 247010004692/0001. Contact line in Yerevan is 091413855.

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