Friday, May 25, 2007

Armenian Genocide issue – subject of active discussions in Bulgarian society


Armenian Genocide issue is a subject of active discussions in the Bulgarian society, Bulgarian Ambassador to Armenia Stefan Dimitrov stated to journalists. “Resolution of this issue is useful not only for Armenia, but also for the humanity in general,” the diplomat stated. He said though the bill on the Armenian Genocide was not approved by the Bulgarian Parliament in 2006, however the process of realizing the importance of this issue began to develop much more active. Dimitrov noticed the Bulgarian Parliament paid tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, and of course realizes the necessity to resolve the Armenian Genocide issue as soon as possible. “As a historian I believe in the history and I am sure it will sort things out,” Dimitrov said.

A number of events were held in connection with the 92nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire on April 24, 2007 – the Remembrance Day of the Genocide victims, in Bulgaria, particularly in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas.

The next day by Bulgarian Parliament Speaker Georgi Pirinski’s offer at the beginning of the ordinary session of the parliament lawmakers honored the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims with a minute of silence. Then one of deputies introduced a declaration worked out by “Bulgarian People’s Union” faction. The document recognizes and condemns the Genocide. Currently a process of gathering signatures is on the way in the Bulgarian National Assembly. By doing that initiators want to include the declaration in the agenda of the parliament.

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