Friday, May 25, 2007

Opening of Cyprus-Armenia embassies “on next priority”

Financial Mirror, Cyprus

Marios Garoyian, the young and dynamic leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Cyprus (DIKO) sees the upgrade of relations with Armenia as next on the Cyprus government’s agenda.

In a meeting with the President of the Armenian Journalists Association, Asdghig Kevorkyan, the chief editor of Azg daily, Hagop Avedikian, and the President of the Cyprus Union of Journalists, Andreas Kannaouros, Garoyian showed great interest to find ways to improve ties with Armenia, “as we are both victims of a common enemy, Turkey.”

Garoyian added that through the strengthening of the relations between the two nations a lot can be achieved, and this could begin through the cooperation between the journalists associations, especially as the Cyprus Union of Journalists enjoys great respect and has the full cooperation of the state.

As regards the upgrade of diplomatic relations, to which Avedikian commented that he was not satisfied by the present level and that “more could be achieved”, Garoyian revealed that once the present round of the expansion of Cyprus’ diplomatic service has been completed to include all members of the 27-nation enlarged European Union, “I have been told by the Foreign Ministry that Armenia is high on their agenda. It is our next priority.”

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This will be good for Armenia.

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