Friday, June 08, 2007

Military protest against the EU

June 8, 2007

When Turkey was not given any right to speak in command, the Special Operation Brigade, under the command of the European Union, was withdrawn.

According to the decision made by the general staff, the special operation brigade will not be sent to any operation coordinated by the EU. A Turkish general communicated the decision to Brussels.

Final opinion on military communicated to the EU

The special operation brigade allocated to the EU operations has been withdrawn from the EU command.

Political relations between the EU and Turkey, who are experiencing a shaky period, has reached a point of fracture. Ankara decided to suspend partially active security relations with the EU, requesting support in operations in every part of the world but not giving Turkey a right to speak in command delivery and management.

Within this framework, for the first time in history, the special operation brigade, including the troops in the operations to be led by the EU has been withdrawn. This final decision of Ankara means Turkey will not send its sensitive brigade to any of the operations to be held under the coordination of the EU.

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