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Jun 8, 2007
DeFacto Agency, Armenia

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) welcomes the Chilean Senate's unanimous passage of legislation recognizing the Armenian Genocide and urging its government to support a key 1985 United Nations Subcommission report properly describing this crime against humanity as a clear instance of genocide.

"We join with Armenians in Chile, throughout South America and around the world in welcoming Chilean Senate's recognition of the Armenian Genocide," said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. "The Chilean government's principled stand further isolates Turkey and shines the spotlight of international public opinion on the remaining countries – the United States sadly among them – that insist upon remaining complicit in Ankara's shameful campaign of genocide denial", he added.

The resolution was introduced by Senator Ricardo Nunez (Socialist) and cosponsored by Senators Guido Girardi, Jaime Naranjo, Jaime Gazmuri, Mariano Ruiz-Esquide, Alejandro Navarro, Camilo Escalona, Roberto Munoz Barra, Juan Pablo Letelier and Antonio Horvath.

Citing the United Nations Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities report, the Senate noted the "ethical and moral imperative that Chile makes a resolution along the lines of that from 1985, which recognizes that the Ottoman Empire committed a brutal genocide in Armenia against a defenseless people that now cry out for moral reparations from a part of the international community and especially Turkey."

The Chilean Senate's recognition was spearheaded by that country's small, but vibrant Armenian community, working closely with the Armenian National Committee of South America (ANC-SA). ANC of Argentina Chairman and longtime South American activist Hagop Tabakian noted, "passage of the Armenian Genocide resolution in Chile is an important step in our progress toward our goal of all of South America taking a principled stand on this key human rights issue."

Chile joins its South American neighbors Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela in properly characterizing Turkey's systematic campaign to annihilate its Armenian population in 1915-1923 as genocide. Other countries worldwide that have also recognized the Armenian Genocide include Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Vatican, as well as the European Parliament and various European bodies.

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