Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Armenia Posts 44% Increase in Foreign Investments in Q 1

June 5, 2007
Armenia Diaspora, Armenia

Yerevan, June 4 /Armenpress/ Foreign investments in the Armenian economy in the first quarter of 2007 rose 44.6 percent from a year ago to $136.6 million. This figure did not include money received by the government and the Central Bank from external sources.

Armenian National Statistical Service said almost 30 percent of direct investments or $26.4 million, generated from privatization of different entities. This not counting the amount of direct investments from a year ago rose 16,3 percent and that of indirect investments grew 37.5 percent.

The biggest foreign investment in January-March, $67.1 million, came from Lebanon, followed by Russia with $32.6 million.

Some 65 percent of foreign investments in real sector of economy and 63 percent of direct investments went to the communication sector, 6.6 percent of direct investments went to aviation and 6.5 percent to food and beverage sectors.

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