Monday, December 17, 2007

80% of Azerbaijani population speaking for peaceful settlement of Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

17 December 2007

Sahib Babayev, human rights activist and chairman of the Ganja affiliate of the Helsinki Civil Assembly of Azerbaijan, visiting Yerevan, announced that nearly 80% of the population of Azerbaijan is against war with Armenia.

"Ordinary people want peace and we should change our stereotypic idea about the enemy. We should understand that we are neighbors". S.Babayev said.

According to the Azerbaijani human rights activist, the unification of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia may lead to creation of a more perfect union than EU.

"Our peoples are brought up under common traditions. We should not walk with guns in our hands and from my part I am ready to do my best to establish peace between our nations", Babayev noted.

The Days of Azerbaijan, within the framework of the program "Armenia-Azerbaijan-Turkey-a step to a dialogue" started in Yerevan, Monday. A delegation from Azerbaijan, including human rights activists, publicists, political scientists and experts are visiting the capital of Armenia for participation in the event by an invitation of the Caucasus Center of Peacekeeping Initiatives.

The Azerbaijani human rights activists and experts will take part in the activity of the school educational and research campus in the Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex of Yerevan



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