Saturday, October 27, 2007

For Genocide Survivor Descendants Genocide Seems to Have Happened Yesterday

By Vahe Balabanian

Amidst the noise created on the genocide resolution, both pro and con, Armenians have relived the Genocide. Many argue that it happened 92+ years ago, but wait a moment, ask a genocide survivor descendant and you will hear that the feeling is like as if it happened yesterday. Some argue that it should be left to historians to decide. Do they realize that historians have already spoken out? The controversy is created by a state sponsored denial who has funded historians to deny the genocide. Do you really believe that Armenians should sit down with revisionists to debate the history of their genocide? Just think a moment. If Armenians do that it is like throwing doubt on the genocide. I do not think Armenians will ever do that.

Besides what business does Turkey have in forcing Armenians to abandon the recognition of the genocide in order to open up its border with Armenia and end its blockade, also stop isolating Armenia from regional projects?

If a 71 Million country with the second largest Army treats a land locked impoverished Armenia of population of 3 Million in this fashion, do you think Turkey has the best interests of Armenia at heart? What Turkey wants is to weaken Armenia so that it will achieve its long sought Turanian ambition by bringing into its fold all the Turkic speaking nations spanning Asia, with their oil resources.



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