Friday, October 26, 2007

Turkish fascism organized pogroms in Brussels

Brussels, 26 October 2007
European Armenian Federation, Belgium
America the fortress of freedom just gave Turkey the green flag to use terror in the West to get its own way. If Turkey is that much sensitive to terrorism why does it not check its own "Grey Wolves" as opposed to tracitly encouraging them?
A demonstration organised by the Turkish extremist right-wing group, the sinister Grey Wolves, caused chaos and mass violent disturbance last night in Brussels. Their demonstration was initially conducted before the American Embassy in response to the US Congress project to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and also because of the US opposition to the invasion by Turkey into Iraq. The demonstration soon became a riot after the US flag was torn from where it hung and burned!

Mehmet Köksal, a young journalist of Turkish origin known for his revisionist opinions relating to Ankara, has been recognized after a demonstrator cried out: “hey guys, here is Mehmet Köksal, this son of the bitch of a journalist, this traitor to the homeland, our enemy! Stop this damn fool, we will bump him off!” He survived only by being fleet of foot. All this occurred before the eyes of the Belgian police.

Later, at about midnight, the procession of hatred passed in front of a café owned by an Armenian in the district of Saint-Josse, and savagely destroyed the place by screaming: “he is an Armenian, death to Armenians” whereas, although the police were on the scene, they were forced to find shelter in front of this barbarian horde of 400 Grey Wolves.

The European Armenian Federation strongly condemns the import into Europe of these racist and criminal customs which are well-known by the Armenians as a prelude to the systematic massacres of Armenian citizens. “We are expecting from the police and judicial authorities exemplary reaction regarding members of these criminal bands and their rulers” declared Laurent Leylekian, the director of the European Armenian Federation.

“We know that Turkey is always behind these pogroms” added Laurent Leylekian. The Federation is certain that the Turkish State bodies – police, army, and judicial powers – are deeply infiltrated by these ultra nationalistic units, and it is attested that Ankara regularly gives orders to the Grey Wolves paramilitary forces, orders that emanate from the MHP (political group represented in the Turkish Parliament) to accomplish their dirty jobs in Turkey as well as in Europe.

A day before the European Parliament vote on the resolution on Turkey, the Federation felt anxious about the outcome of the vote. “The freedoms that these criminal groups have in Europe is encouraged by the indulgent attitude of our institutions towards racism. Turkish state ultra nationalism, compromise from our institutions (European Parliament and Commission, national and European political parties) towards the systematic denial of the Turkish state is interpreted by Ankara as authorization to develop its ultra nationalism in the European Union,” concluded Leylekian.

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