Saturday, June 02, 2007

New genocides result from lack of clear approach to punishment of Armenian Genocide


The Tribunal of Journalism Village held a session entitled “World Recognition of Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire and Prevention of Genocide Facts in XI Century” in the framework of the 26th World Congress of International Federation of Journalists May 30, 2007 in Moscow. The statement, in particular reads as follows, “Mass murders and deportation of Armenian population from the Western Armenia (which was on the territory of modern Turkey) are considered to be Genocide of Armenians. The joint statement made by Russia, France and Great Britain in May 1915 defines these crimes as “new crimes against humanity and civilization” which must be accounted by the Ottoman Empire. Turkey has not been punished for the perpetrated crimes that leads to new crimes against other indigenous peoples of Anatolia – Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds and others. Today Turkey is executing blockade of Armenia imposing ungrounded preconditions for establishing intergovernmental relations that is inadmissible within contemporary international relations. Official Turkey denies the historical fact of Genocide against Armenian people and suppresses freedom of speech and persecutes Turkish citizens daring touch upon this subject. Armenian journalist, citizen of Turkey Hrant Dink fell a prey to anti-Armenian and anti-democratic hysteria unleashed at state level regarding “Armenian taboo”. New genocides of ethnic and religious groups, which take place nowadays, result from the lack of adherence to principle and clear approach to the punishment of already committed genocides (including the Armenian Genocide)”.

The statement underlines that it is necessary to internationally recognize and condemn crimes against the Armenian nation, in the result of which Armenians were deprived of their historical homeland. “We recognize as necessary: thorough research and working out of scientific problems concerning genocide of Armenians; carrying out of wide-ranging policy of elucidation of the problem of the Armenian Genocide among the Turkish population as a pledge of prevention of potential genocidal acts against other national and religious minorities of the Turkish republic; to contribute to the spirit of reconciliation and mutual respect between Armenian and Turkish peoples based on mutual respect for historical memory and feelings concerned with genocide; elaboration of efficient system of prevention and punishment of genocide crimes within international relations in order to prevent possible crimes against humanity in future,” says the declaration of the 26th World Congress of International Federation of Journalists.

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