Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Turkish media: Cargo train derailed by HPG was transporting rockets from Iran to Syria

NEWSDESK, May 30 ( - The Turkish cargo train with serial number 55555, which was attacked and derailed by HPG forces (PKK’s armed wing) on May 25, was transporting 300 rockets from Iran to Syria, reports Turkey’s biggest newspaper Hurriyet today.

The derailed train turned out to be transporting containers filled with rockets. The containers carrying the rockets had been filed as transporting construction materials and were rolled into Turkey at the border point in Van. The containers were then transported to Lake Van and from there with ferry boats to Tatvan in Bitlis province where they were loaded onto train 55555. The train was then to be transported to Malatya and then to Islahiye before transported into Syria at the Yolbasi border point in Gaziantep province.

HPG had derailed the Turkish cargo train 55555 close to Suveren in the Genc district of Bingol province of northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey) on May 25 at 08:00 (8.00 a.m.) EEST. The train was derailed with a remote-controlled bomb placed on the tracks.

HPG said in a statement relating to the derailing that they had had intelligence on the cargo train transporting weapons, but didn’t indicate whether they had collected this intelligence themselves or been given it by someone else.

Turkish intelligence service MIT is now investigating the matter. The final destination of the rockets is believed to have been the Lebanese Hezbollah or Palestinian organizations according to Turkish media.

It was also reported that an Iranian cargo plane flying to Syria was forced down to the Turkish military airbase in Diyarbakir by Turkish authorities. The plane was claimed to have been searched by Turkish police and then allowed to continue the flight to Syria when nothing was found. reported in August 18 last year that Turkey was helping Iran smuggle weapons to Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah through its Red Crescent organization.

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