Wednesday, April 04, 2007

CIS Statistics Committee reveals average GDP growth


In January-February 2007, GDP grew 9 percent on average in the CIS compared with the same period in 2006, the CIS intergovernmental statistics committee said. Azerbaijan is the unquestioned front-runner with a 41.7 percent rise, with Armenia in the second position far behind it with 9.2 percent. Belarus's GDP grew 9 percent, Tajikistan's 4.6 percent, Russia's 8.8 percent, Ukraine's 8.6 percent and Kyrgyzstan's 3.6 percent. No GDP growth data is yet available for Georgia and Kazakhstan for 2007, while in 2006 GDP went up 9.4 percent in Georgia, and 10.6 percent in Kazakhstan.

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Anonymous JIbs said...

I wonder if there are stats on the % of the military expenditure, and if one can expect those stats to reflect reality.

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