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Turkey is not far from committing Kurdish genocide

11 February 2008
Kurdish Aspect, CO - By Dr Hoshiar Molod (Saudi Arabia)

In response to a previous article, some readers have sent me prejudiced comments indicating disapproval of the article “In response to their brutality, Kurdistan should boycott Turkish products[1]”. One reader described me as being backward and not realistic in urging a boycott of Turkish products. Another reader compared my views to those of German Nazism and French nationalists.

I would like to ask those readers of their views regarding the Turkish aggressive attacks on the innocent people in Kurdistan. Every civilized person should support the boycott of Turkish products in view of the cruelty the Turkish government practices in the region. A boycott is more powerful and is more effective than demonstrations in the streets, because it affects Turkey’s economy. Turkey’s policy in the region and the rest of the world is quite insensitive and ignorant.

Turkey’s double standard is very obvious when the Turkish President sending friendly messages to Europe and presenting the democratic side of secular Turkey while restarting on fighting the PKK. Turkey has to apologize for the Armenian genocide instead of committing another massacre in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The comments by some readers intended to undermine my view on boycotting Turkish products are some examples of the double standard that Turkey has always presented. When something is not in Turkey’s favor, it’s acceptable for the Turkish public and Turkish business communities to take the boycott approach.

A boycott was carried out by the Turkish streets in response to the implementation of the human right laws by European countries. In 2000 the Turkish consumer association boycotted Belgian made products[2], asking Belgian to undermine its civil society and extradite someone to be executed in Turkey. In 2006 various Turkish supermarkets also boycotted French products[3], because the French parliament passed the Armenian genocide bill.

The question is why the Turkish society sometimes excuses the boycott approach and sometimes speaks negatively about it?

It is the double standard of Turkey’s international policy. When any other government’s view is not in favor of the Turkish politics in the region, the Turkish streets are encouraged to protest against that specific government by boycotting the products of that country.

The Armenian genocide is a crime against humanity and the world is no longer ignoring that illicit act by the Turkish government. It is ironic that despite their differences both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are in agreement on the issue of the Turkish government recognizing the Armenian genocide[4].

The fact of the matter is that Turkey has never recognized the genocide of the Armenians and is not very far from committing another massacre in Kurdistan. The only reason for the Turkish attacks is to undermine Kurdish existence.

Apart from the Kurdish public, no one else seems to care about the situation in Kurdistan. Therefore I would like to renew my plea to the international community to boycott Turkish made products not only because Kurdistan is being attacked by the Turkish war machine on a daily basis, but actually because of the appalling record that Turkey has in the crimes against humanity such as the killing of Kurds and the genocide of the Armenians.

Finally, you should realize that with any Turkish made product you buy, you are backing, encouraging and promoting the denial of the Armenian genocide[5], the Assyrian genocide[6], the Greek genocide[7], and contributing to the recent killing of innocent Kurdish civilians by the Turkish government.

End notes:

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Note: Above are excerpts from the article. The full article appears here. Clarifications and comments by me are contained in {}. Deletions are marked by [...]. The bold emphasis is mine.

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