Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kosovo independence to be precedent for other conflicts, RA Foreign Ministry says


“The Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh conflicts have much in common but there are certain differences as well. The most important fact is that the people of Karabakh won their independence in war while Kosovars were granted it by NATO,” Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian told a news conference in Yerevan.

Whether the international community wants it or not, proclamation of Kosovo’s independence will become a precedent for other conflicts.

“Azerbaijan always speaks of territorial integrity without clarifying what it means. Anyway, the matter can concern the safety zone around NKR but never Nagorno Karabakh itself,” the Minister said adding that no decision can be taken without consent of Karabakhi people.

“I am hopeful that Armenia’s next President will preserve the bases of negotiation process,” he said.

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