Thursday, December 27, 2007

Experience Armenian culture in Beijing

Editor:Liu Fang


Armenia, known as the Caucasian Tiger, is a small country with a rich culture, a country growing rapidly. Marking the 15th anniversary of Sino-Amenian diplomatic ties, a Chinese audience was introduced to the delights of Armenian culture, Tuesday night.

Armenian culture is strongly influenced by neighboring countries to the east. To the west, lies Europe, providing its strong underlying current to the culture of Armenia.

The Pantomime State Theater of Armenia opens the evening with a tale of a conspiracy inside the imperial palace. Exotic music accompanies the story.

Laureates at international festivals, bass vocalist Barsegh Tumanyan and soprano Irina Zakian and pianist Arus Achemian introduced the Beijing audience to Armenia's accomplishment in the music arts. Music holds a fundamental role in the Armenian culture. The opera house, the theaters and concert halls are the pride of the people. The houses are highly accessible to the general public.

The Armenia Culture Festival in China is being held within the framework of the "Armenian-Chinese Cultural Cooperation 2005-2010" agreement. Ministers of Culture from both countries were at the opening ceremony. Both expressed their hope for further exchanges.

Hasmik Poghosian, minister of Culture ot the Republic of Armenia, said, "Chinese culture already enjoys wide popularity in Armenia. We hope to learn even more of the ancient Chinese legacy. At the same time, we want to bring the best of Armenian culture to China, not only performance arts, but painting exhibitions, concerts and so on. Museums of the two countries are in contact. We hope to arrange exchanges of artifacts and cultural exhibits."

China and Armenia established diplomatic relations in April 1992. Since then, bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, science and technology and education have expanded, so that the ties between the two countries have grown even stronger.

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