Sunday, December 09, 2007

Armenia comes the second at Junior Eurovision -2007 in Rotterdam

9 Dec. 2007

Armenia occupied the second position at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Only one point did not suffice to gain victory. Maximum 12 points were given to Armenia by Georgia, Belgium, Russia, Romania, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Sweden and Greece gave 10 points, 7 points came from Belarus and 5 points  from Serbia.

Alexey Zhigalkovich from Belarus with the song S Druzyami (With Friends) won the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. - By Public Radio of Armenia

"AREVIK" was going to represent Armenia at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 for the first time ever on December 8th, 2007 in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Children’s and youth pop-folk ensemble "AREVIK" under the supervision of Armen Divanyan will perform a song at the Junior Eurovision. Music is written by soloist, 15 years old Mariana Javakhyan and lyrics by 13 years old Sargis Mzikyan. Soloists will be the author of the music and also Anahit and Christine from Septetino / both 10 years old/.

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