Friday, November 09, 2007

Presidential elections scheduled for February 19


YEREVAN (YERKIR) - Garegin Azarian, the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia, said that the date for the presidential election has been set for February 19, 2008. He made the statement for the Public Television and Public Radio. Later today the schedule of the main arrangements for the preparation and conduct of the election will be determined at the CEC meeting.

The official statement says that according to Part 2 of the Article 88 of RA Electoral Code, CEC President Garegin Azaeryan is authorized to inform that in conformity with Article 51 of RA Constitution, the presidential elections will be held on February 19, 2008.

According to Part 3 of the Article 88 of RA Electoral Code, the day of the election is declared a day-off.

Note: Above are excerpts from the article. The full article appears here. Clarifications and comments by me are contained in {}. Deletions are marked by [...]. The bold emphasis is mine.



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