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19 June, 2007
A1plus, Armenia

Aziz Tamoyan, the President of the National Union of Yezidi in Armenia made a rather constructive proposal to George Bush. The US Embassy in Armenia informed that his letter was translated and sent to George Bush but no answer was received yet.

The leader of Yezidi Union proposes George Bush: “Coming out of the interests of Yezidi nation living in Iraq, the National Union of Yezidi finds that a state should be founded in the Northern part of Iraq and named Yezidistan. The state may be under the US auspices and serve as an administrative territory for the US. Otherwise, the nation may become extinct”. To the question of A1+ whether Mr Tamoyan offered the territory of Iraq, he answered: “We think of Yezidi nation and we offer the territory where Yezidi lived for 5 thousand years. That is a holly place for us”.

Aziz Tamoyan assured that his proposal was agreed with all leaders of Yezidi communities in the world. He keeps in touch with them on the phone. Recently, Yezidi in Iraq called him and said that their situation was worsening.

Aziz Tamoyan considers himself “president of the whole Yezidi nation in the world”. He intends to travel around the world in the countries where Yezidi live. In his opinion, what happened to Armenians in 1915 is expecting Yezidi people living in the Northern part of Iraq. Aziz Tamoyan said that Yezidi in all parts of the world are going to organize demonstrations.

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