Thursday, April 12, 2007

Turkey, genocide and the UN

April 12 2007
International Herald Tribune, France
Letter to the Editor

Regarding the article "UN removes genocide exhibit after Turkey complains" (April 10): I was shocked and dismayed to learn that the United Nations exhibit on the Rwandan genocide had been postponed due to mention of the Armenian genocide.

It was disheartening to hear that the world's supposed bastion of human rights had succumb to Turkey's campaign of denial. Is the United Nations now blatantly aiding and abetting Turkey in its immoral attempt to sweep the facts of the Armenian genocide under the carpet?

As long as the United Nations continues to accommodate those who perpetuate intolerance and promote historical revisionism - be it in Turkey or Iran - we will always face the grim possibility of relapses of injustice.

Miran G. Ternamian, Ottawa

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