Monday, March 26, 2007


26 March, 2007

The photo of the Prime Minster is hanged in wreaths in the central part. Eduard Sharmazanov, representative of the RPA, informed us that the party’s board convened a sitting yesterday evening with the participation of Serge Sargsyan, head of the board.

Under the RPA’s statute, the chairman of the board takes up the post of the chairman of the party in case the latter is absent under certain conditions.

Mr. Sharmazanov claims they have already experienced suchlike situation; after the death of the party’s first chairman Ashot Navasardyan the head of the party’s board took up the office.

Thus, there is no point in convening a sitting in the nearest future.

The death of the leader of RPA will not result in great tremors during the May 12 elections.

“We may only counter certain technical problems during the parliamentary elections,” assures Eduard Sharmazanov.

Sukias Avetisyan, member of the RPA and NA deputy, says, “We must assemble and realize the programs Andranik Margaryan left unfinished as they are of great importance.”

As for the upcoming elections, Mr. Avetisyan claims that the party hasn’t considered the matter yet.

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