Thursday, March 29, 2007

Opening of Akhtamar Church - an attempt to prevent Armenian Genocide recognition


/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The renovation of the Holy Cross Church in Akhtamar island undoubtedly is a positive phenomenon, since the matter concerns one of the most famous Armenian medieval historical-cultural monuments, which was in poor condition after 1915, RA MFA Acting Press Officer Vladimir Karapetyan says in his statement.

Particularly the statement notes, “At the same it is worth mentioning that speaking about the opening of the church, the Turkish authorities and media do not mention her historical-cultural value. Turkey’s announcements about the opening of this renovated church do not include the word ‘Armenian’ anywhere, no mention is made of its Armenian and Apostolic belonging. This fact is being used for propaganda purposes, in order to prevent recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the international community.

The Turkish authorities are trying to avoid of the responsibility not only to history and memory, but to its own Armenian minority. Examining the issue from historical viewpoint, one cannot mention that the Holy Cross Church is one of a dozen other priceless examples of Armenian medieval architecture on Turkish territory, which have been abandoned at best, or more often, intentionally vandalized, simply because of their Armenian identity.

Armenia highly appreciates Turkey’s initiative on renovation of the church hoping that it will not become a single example. Renovation of the Holy Cross Church is important both for us and the Turkish society. The denial of such a broad layer of civilization, historical presence, culture of an entire nation today is impossible for a nation and a country, which tries to become a part of civilized system of values. Instead, constantly the political implication is being underlined of this issue, it is being presented as a “demonstration of good will” towards Armenia and the Armenian nation.”

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