Sunday, February 04, 2007

Armenian translation of Holy Koran

ISNA - Tehran
Service: Literary

TEHRAN, Feb.3 (ISNA)-An Armenian translation of the Holy Koran was represented in a joint ceremony with Iran-Armenia cultural officials in Central Asia.

This is the first complete edition of the Holy Koran in Armenian, exhibited through the ceremony by a group of scholars, authors, cultural, political and religious representatives of both countries.

The Iranian ambassador to Armenia, Ali Reza Haghighian stated while delivering a speech that the cultural, political and financial mutual ties with Armenia were on an excellent level. He also pointed that there were no dark points in the history of the friendly relationships with both countries.

"The common historical destiny and similar cultural features is the secret of this surviving friendly bond," he added.

Also Iran's cultural counselor, Reza Otoufi who was present in the ceremony remarked that the complete translation of the Holy Koran into Armenian for the first time was a great initiative and a leap in widening the horizon of Iran-Armenia religious and cultural ties.

Also the Armenian translator, Edward Haghverdian commented that the Holy Koran was unlike the translation of any other piece of art, like poetry or fiction.

"Koran is the Holy book of all Muslims and undertaking the task of translation was a great responsibility," stated Haghverdian while speaking to ISNA.

He also further pointed that he had very much enjoyed the task of this immortal translation, incomparable to the translation of any other book.

The Armenian translation of the Holy Koran is released by the Hayastan Publications in 223 pages.

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